#11 — The Perfect Day in Colombia

Just… wow

Stuck in Medellin…

An escape plan…

My eyes are drawn immediately to the white roads leading to Urrao…
wow… now that is sexy.

Adventure time

Green… and more green.

Green, green, and more green

A wide-open world of unknowns.

Nonexistent roads

Beautifully simple (and dry!)
Stop and smell the manure from the farm below

Into the clouds

The otherworldly yellow of late daylight battering the thick white clouds from above

Cowboys and Colombianas

Serene, beautifully peaceful, a memory I’ll cherish.

The perfect day…

The road out of Urrao.

Mountain vistas for days

This was one of the longest and most beautiful descents in my life.
I thought the mirror was a pretty clever move, eh?
The steep angle of most of the cultivated land out here still amazes me…
The clouds rolled up and over the ridge to vent their quiet furry on my helmet visor.
I stayed here for more than a few moments to breathe in the beauty.

Stick to your guns



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