#15 —Rain — Tires — Motivation

The Ride to Patagonia

First glimpses of the final mountain ranges

I was warm and dry.

That was about as much as I could hope for these days.

39 more minutes and all would begin to improve.

The reason for staying at this hostel lay just down the street. The night before, I had been assured the small metal building with pictures of tires painted on a weathered sign would be able to fix my flat tire this morning.

Low battery, please charge.

My headphones remind me I was passing the 4-hour mark without stopping to rest and recharge.

$30 for a coffin.

A short limp back the way I came and I found myself knocking on a frail wooden door as the wind pummeled me out of anger I was about to escape its reach at last.

“I just want to go home.”

I lift my pen and don’t feel the need to write more.

39 minutes until things improve.

I finished my dry cereal and washed my child-sized bowl and spoon.

Cough up the cash.

The pickup slowed as it began to pass. I nodded my head as the man motioned back toward my rear flat.

3-weeks to think.

I pressed the confirm reservation button on my phone and took a deep breath.

To finish or not to finish.

I’ve known since the beginning of this trip that finishing would be important.



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