Colorado Fairing Company Ford Transit Fairing

Colorado Fairing Company Transit Van Build Fairing

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Step 1:

Decide on the size of your fairing!

If you reach out to CFC they will help you figure out exactly the fairing you need. For Transits with Flatline Van Co Low Pro racks, they have done that setup enough times to know what you need.

My fairing is a custom length and height. It also was a return they had with a few scratches (which don’t bother me at all given how dirty my van always is) so I got a discount.

Step 2:

Decide how you will mount the fairing.

The package from CFC comes with rubber straps (like you see on a bike rack) to mount the fairing to your roof rack crossbars. I did not use these since I had 80/20 crossbars up on the roof and knew that I could use 80/20 fasteners rather than the rubber straps.

So far nothing has flown off…

Step 3:

Loosely attach 80/20 fasteners to metal supports for fairing.

Take those little fasteners and attach them to the metal angled supports so that the screw head is facing upward.

NOTE: since my fairing is larger than normal sized, I placed the shorter side of the angled support on top of my crossbar and the longer portion was extending down to support the back of the fairing. Therefore, the screw head of the fasteners should be sitting on top of the shorter of the two angles (if you are doing the same setup as me).

Now slide your 80/20 crossbar under each of those fasteners and catch the little rounded rectangular piece into the top vein of the 80/20 bar.

NOTE: make sure you slide each fastener into the same vein of your crossbar.

This is a bit tedious but with some shimmying and patience it comes together nicely.

Once each of the angled supports is attached loosely to the crossbar you can loosely attach the fairing to the front of the longer angle on the support using the provided bolts.

Step 4:

Attach your crossbar to the rack and position the fairing.

The crossbar on the FVC rack can sit right at the front of the rack at the pre-existing holes. Simply line the threads in the crossbar up with the holes and screw in some of the screws that came with the rack crossbars.

Now the game of positioning the fairing begins.

Long story short, the two angled supports on the opposing sides should be pulled towards the rear of the van and the two supports in the middle should be pushed outward to achieve a curve in the fairing that matches the curve of your roof.

It is all a combination of the position of the supports as well as the position of the fairing on the front (longer) part of the angled supports (which is achieved by loosening the provided bolts in the front and moving the fairing up and down on the support and retightening).

NOTE: make sure that the fairing is centered across the van before tightening everything….it may seem obvious but I “finished” everything and then realized that the fairing was overlapping several inches over the passenger side of the van while sitting recessed several inches on the driver side…

Final Thoughts:

I am too stubborn for my own good…looking back it would have been far easier to center the fairing and get all the connection points where I wanted them to achieve that curve of the fairing had I worked in the DAYLIGHT…

I am super happy with my Colorado Fairing Company fairing! It looks awesome on the van and works wonders for redirecting wind up and over the rack.

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Jeremiah Luke Barnett

Jeremiah Luke Barnett

The website of my life:

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