Hi, Curtis — you’re not alone, that is for sure.

I think often times it is not the tangible target that we are shooting for (a career in digital marketing) that bothers us or leaves us feeling unsettled, rather, it is the way we think about ourselves now and therefore our perception of who we will be in our eventual career.

Who we believe that we are and who we want to continue to grow to be changes the nature of any career. No matter what you are doing, you can either be satisfied or dissatisfied — there are millions of people to tell us that. The strangest jobs and careers can seem to bring people the most fulfilling sense of direction and purpose and we often think it is the strange nature of the career.

I think we focus on the flashy part (“He’s a world famous under-water welder?! Of course he feels fulfilled!”) and forget that everyone wakes up every morning just like we do and has thousands of thoughts just like we do.

The biggest thing I can say is that I don’t believe we should wait for fulfillment and direction. If we can learn to wake up every morning with inner resolve toward a distant target while yet making most of our days little accomplishments in and of themselves, I think we are doing something right.

Written by

Non Aesthetic Van Lifer: https://www.storiesfromtheroad.life/

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