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Keep a List of the People Who Make a Difference

I’m about to go through a big change in life. Big changes in life are a great point to reflect on what you have learned, who’s been apart of that learning, and to reach out to people who have been a part of your life to say thank you.

When I started building relationships I tried to keep everything in my head because I thought that was the most authentic way to create relationships. But that is a ridiculous thing to expect of your memory. When you continue to meet people it just becomes more and more difficult to keep everything straight. You’re not doing anyone a service by forgetting who helped you learn what.

A while ago I started a Google doc with names, emails, and bullet points of things that certain people have taught me.

Being able to remember specific things that certain people have taught you is an incredible way to build a relationship because it shows that you actually care about the time that you shared with one another.

Keeping a list of the people that are important to you and how they’ve impacted you will help you begin to be a more grateful person to the people who have actually helped you change your life.

I encourage you to go start your own list.

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