Should and Must — Elle Luna — Dare to Dream?

The last notes drifted from the piano and shot across the chamber as thunderous applause broke out. The man next to me clapped loudly.

I leaned over and asked, “What did you think?”

“Tremendous, absolutely tremendous,” he said. “You know, I’ve downloaded his performances and listened to his records for years, but this — to be here in the third row where the strings vibrate in your chest, where his hands flutter over the keys as he plays three hours….from memory…with his eyes closed — this is to see something with soul in it.”

“Wow,” I said, “you must be a pianist.”

“Who, me?” he said. “No, I can’t play a tune…

But I often have a dream where I can.

Elle Luna is relentless.

So short, so incrediby potent.

I recently read a series of “divining your life direction” books (if you will). Elle Luna’s The Crossroads of Should and Must: Find and Follow Your Passion, is an illustrated wonderland of provocative thoughts and highly pertinent questions. Do not expect to leave without having questioned something in your life.

I do not even remember how long it took me to read the book because I was more focused on the content than I was on my pace. (it is not a long read whatsoever)

I cannot recommend this book enough to anyone even remotely interested (or acutely disinterested) in asking potentially frightening questions of oneself.

Elle makes no pretense of preaching down to a congregation of sheepish, seemingly foolish, readers. Rather, through a disarmingly tasteful and playful presentation, she gently guides you through questions that you must pose to yourself.

She obliterates those excuses we all know all too well.

She provides real advice for how to make steps toward achieving whatever it is that we have not reached for yet — a job that we actually enjoy or a hobby that we have been too timid to pursue etc..

Really, I shouldn’t even be writing about this beyond saying, go read it. It takes no time and could (nah, it WILL) bring new insight into your life.

Stop dreaming of what you can and become who you are.

Written by

Non Aesthetic Van Lifer:

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