Stop Focusing Solely on the Future

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If you’re always looking for the next thing, you’re probably not putting enough energy into the thing sitting right in front of you. There’s no green grass in other fields that is available to you. Only the grass in front of you. (source)

Benjamin P. Hardy

If you’re always neglecting what is right in front of you for the sake of looking far out ahead, you are going to hurt yourself and really, really regret it.

Jeremiah Barnett

My ankle is currently swelling as if I were stung by an Italian bee (that happened once too).

What does a swollen ankle have to do with the future and the present and your focus? Well, my ankle is swelling and I cannot walk and I am in much pain (much, much pain) because I focused 100% on the future at the expense of the present.

I moved forward focusing only on the glorious future and paid no mind to the events of the present. This ended in pain and severe setback.

As I sit here under great duress, I can see parallels from this ankle incident to my own life.

Much of life is about finding balance. Balance between work and play, balance between school and extracurriculars, sleep and wakefulness, energy and self-control.

And, the future and the present.

We should not abandon our focus on the future, rather, we should find a balance between understanding and executing in the present while yet peering toward and planning for the future.

My ankle (which is now starting to burn and hurt in new places??) is a product of my inability/unwillingness to find a balance between the future and the present.

The ankle is now fully immobile. No movement whatsoever.

Don’t get a swollen ankle in life. Find your balance between your dreams and your current position.

But do not forget, you create your future today.

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