The #1 Secret to Massively Failing in Life!

Yes, it is a hacky title.

No, I don’t consider that cheating — you’re here aren’t you?

Cue awesome picture that reveals nothing about the title:

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Do you want to make sure that you never achieve your wildest of dreams?

How about even just the mid-range goals and dreams?

No problem! It’s actually really easy. Just follow this one-step guide to failure:

#1. Get Comfortable.

Do you remember growing pains as a kid? That aching feeling in your legs that would wake you up and keep you awake at night?

Weren’t those nights uncomfortable?

And yet, that discomfort was critical to the process of growth that brought you from childhood to adulthood.

Can you imagine a reality where the childhood-you was presented with a choice between going through the discomfort of growing or avoiding it altogether? You would most likely still weigh 60 pounds and be wearing mismatched socks with your totally fashionable Crocs (or was that just me?).

As humorous as that image is, there is a huge lesson to be learned here…

You Still Have That Choice: Comfort or Discomfort — Stagnation or Growth!

You make this choice every day, and odds are, you are choosing comfort and stagnation.

If you are not challenging yourself, how can you be growing?

If you are not uncomfortable, how can you be growing?

If you are not growing, then what is the point?

As Tim Denning said in a recent post,

“Winners spend time every day doing something that makes them uncomfortable because they know that’s where growth comes from”

When was the last time you intentionally sought out discomfort? How have you been growing recently?

I challenge you to come up with something that would make you uncomfortable and go do it!

It doesn’t have to be a huge thing, start small and work your way towards bigger things.

Example from my life: for me, writing this article and posting it on the interwebs and blasting it out over social media…that is something that used to make me uncomfortable. But, as a product of my decision to do something uncomfortable, I have connected with some truly incredible people and learned a lot about how my voice comes through in my writing.

Example #2: Creating Million-Dollar Relationships! The process of going out and meeting lots of different professionals and getting their feedback on my speech, dress, demeanor, email etiquette, behavior in meetings, the way I tie my tie…none of that was comfortable! But I am so glad that I sought it out because it has changed who I am today. I have grown.

Think about your own life. How often do you simply revert to that which makes you comfortable? Let’s change that one day at a time.

A few things to consider trying:

  1. Speak up in a meeting or class where you normally would remain silent
  2. Say hello to a stranger
  3. Get up earlier than you like
  4. Seek out a public speaking experience
  5. Write about something that interests you and put it out for the world to see!

Try something that makes you uncomfortable and will bring growth into your life and tell me about it! I would love to hear what you’re trying.

If you are curious about what uncomfortable things I am doing these days, reach out to me and find out!

Don’t Choose Comfort and Crocs and Socks — Choose Discomfort and Growth!

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Non Aesthetic Van Lifer:

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