Image by Jeremiah Luke Barnett

The Heavy Breeze- -

South, south, south, and farther south. Drive into the sea that is not a sea. Wide-open plains where the wind is a crop to harvest. Then, the Heavy Breeze.

Image by Jeremiah Luke Barnett

Nameless waves
Next to no-name towns
Flawless sands
Here for a while
Before returning to the sea

Close your eyes and feel the weight climb up your shoulders.

Direct your attention to your skin. Each hair tells you its opinion of the ocean air carried on a sea breeze.

Which is really a wind.

Which is really a sister.

A sister called wind by its equal, the crashing waves.

Image by Jeremiah Luke Barnett

Life all around. Carried in by the sea that is not a sea.

Met by more life living by administering death.

Tiny green life nearby but out of the reach of the more violent of the sisters.

Quiet in the face of an unending storm; the sisters together always in boiling discussion on the brink of eruption.

Quiet because of the surprising lack of human commotion. They all must be in California.

Until they move here.

Image by Jeremiah Luke Barnett

Originally published on as a part of a series on unnamed locations I visit on my travels in my self converted Ford Transit van build.