The Unforgivable Problem of Higher Education: Sorry UCLA :/

But, UCLA has a problem — Something I never found an answer to. I was forced to piece together my own solution over the last year.

But what about those of us who acknowledge that the end of our 4-year degree is only the beginning of our real education?

So, instead, I found a plane and jumped out — that is how I wanted to learn — by DOING.

But YouTube videos only take you so far, at some point you just need to jump out of the plane.

The two biggest issues with the current system are:

1. Mentorship and networking are not check-list items to be crossed off toward completing your degree.

2. It is critical that a student’s growth through mentorship be accompanied by a collaborative community of growth-oriented peers.

Bruin Bridges — creating a collaborative community of growth-oriented students and pairing them with impactful mentors for life-changing relationships.

To learn more visit

And, attend our info session on TUE 4/17 at 7:00 pm at Hedrick Fireside Lounge to hear more and meet our Outside Advisor, Marc I. Lipson, Senior Vice President of Wealth Management at Bank of America-Merrill Lynch.

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